Tunisia president announces referendum and elections

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Tunisia will hold a referendum on constitutional reform on July 25 and new parliamentary elections on Dec. 17, 2022, President Kais Saied said on Monday.

Changes to the constitution would follow a public online consultation starting in January, he said, adding the parliament would remain suspended until a new one was elected.

Earlier this month, Tunisia’s powerful UGTT union had called for early elections saying it was concerned for the country’s democratic gains because of the president’s reluctance to announce a roadmap for political reforms.

UGTT leader Noureddine Taboubi’s comments, in a speech to thousands of his supporters, put more pressure on President Kais Saied, more than four months after he seized all political powers.

“We supported July 25 because it was an opportunity to save the country and implement reforms … but we have become afraid for Tunisians’ democratic gains because of the excessive reluctance to announce a roadmap”, Taboubi said.

He added that the president should call for a dialogue with political parties and national organizations that includes reviewing the electoral law and agreeing on early and transparent elections.

via Reuters

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