Uber drivers entitled to worker rights, UK’s top court rules

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A group of drivers are entitled to worker rights such as the minimum wage at Uber, Britain’s Supreme Court decided on Friday in a blow to the ride-hailing service that could have ramifications for many others in the gig economy.

In a case led by two drivers, a London employment tribunal ruled in 2016 that they were due entitlements such as paid holidays and rest breaks.

Uber drivers are currently treated as self-employed, meaning that in law they are only afforded minimal protections.

The Silicon Valley-based firm appealed the original ruling all the way to Britain’s top court.

“The Supreme Court unanimously dismisses Uber’s appeal,” judge George Leggatt said.

A total of 25 drivers form part of an expanded group who are part of the case. Uber has around 60,000 drivers in Britain, including 45,000 in London, one of its most important markets.