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UK – The cost and ghost of “Christmas present” is sadly ‘lives’

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The OBSERVER –  “In normal times, January is the month for counting the cost of Christmas. The credit card bills arrive. New year resolutions are made. The consequences of recent indulgence have to be faced.

This year, however, the price of having celebrated Christmas with loved ones could be far steeper – and counted in lives. Doctors and nurses in the NHS report that they are seeing record numbers of admissions of people with Covid-19.

Over recent days, the daily death toll has passed 1,000. “The last time we hit this number, we were still 22 days away from the peak,” said Zudin Puthucheary, a respiratory and intensive care consultant at the Royal London Hospital, speaking on behalf of the Intensive Care Society. The daily number of deaths hit a new record on Friday of 1,325.

NHS staff and the public are increasingly fearful that worse will unfold before things get better. The new strain of the virus, which spreads more easily, coupled with the effects of festive get-togethers, have put rocket boosters under infection rates. Ministers have always said that without tough measures, the service could be overwhelmed. The truth is, however, that even after the most draconian restrictions, that may still be the outcome. Three lockdowns on, the moment of truth is approaching.”

Article, appeared first on The Observer and the full version can be read here : The Guardian

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