US Navy confirms videos did capture UFO sightings

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Three videos purporting to be leaked military footage of UFOs are genuine, the US Navy has revealed.

The clips – published by the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science In December 2017 and March 2018 – showed several mystery objects travelling through the air at high speed.

One of the videos was from 2004, while the other two were recorded in 2015 and featured audio from US fighter pilots expressing disbelief at what they they were seeing – unsure if the objects were drones or something else.

To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, a group dedicated to pursuing research into UFOs and extraterrestrial life that was co-founded by rocker Tom DeLonge of Blink 182, helped bring attention to the videos.

The objects seen in three clips of declassified military footage are “unidentified aerial phenomena,” Navy spokesperson Joe Gradisher confirmed to CNN.

Gradisher said the Navy’s transparency about unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, is largely done to encourage trainees to report “incursions” they spot in the airfield, which threaten pilots’ safety.

“This is all about frequent incursions into our training ranges by UAPs,” he said. “Those incursions present a safety hazard to the safe flight of our aviators and the security of our operations.”

The public clips capture just a fraction of the frequent incursions Navy training ranges see, he said.

“For many years, our aviators didn’t report these incursions because of the stigma attached to previous terminology and theories about what may or may not be in those videos,” he said.

The only way to find out what those UAP are, he said, is to encourage trainees to report them when they see them.


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