Vivian Academy Symposium with Roche addresses future of laboratory diagnostics

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As the healthcare industry embraces digitalisation and precision, investments in infrastructure, technology, and staff training remain paramount for delivering superior patient care.

“The core mission of Vivian Corporation is to provide cutting-edge equipment and tools to the healthcare sectors in Malta and Gozo, underpinned by a dedicated team of application specialists and highly trained field service engineers,” said Denise Borg Manche, managing director of Vivian in her welcome address at the Roche User Group Symposium hosted by Vivian through its recently established Vivian Academy in partnership with Roche Diagnostics.

“Collaborating with esteemed partners like Roche Diagnostics, Vivian aspires to deliver state-of-the-art technology to ensure timely and accurate diagnoses for patients across Malta and Gozo. What sets Roche Diagnostics apart is its personal approach and unwavering focus on patient well-being and accessibility to lifechanging innovations,” she added.

Roche Diagnostics, operating in more than 100 countries, offers a comprehensive range of in vitro diagnostic solutions, from molecular diagnostics to laboratory automation and IT solutions.

Dr Chris Barbara, Chair of Pathology of Mater Dei in his opening address stated “in the heart of a rapidly evolving era of precision medicine, Malta’s health services are setting new benchmarks in healthcare with groundbreaking digital innovation. Mater Dei has harnessed cutting-edge technology and today, it is handling a staggering 6,000 pathology bottles daily and conducting 13 million tests annually, reducing patient wait times thus elevating their quality of care.”

The event, which represented a significant milestone in the 68-year collaboration between Vivian and Roche Diagnostics, brought together around 40 professionals in the field of blood sciences and addressed the latest technological advancements in the field of pathology.

“With an annual increase of 12 per cent in lab requests, total lab automation emerges as the next natural step in this transformative journey. To date, our haematology department at Mater Dei has already achieved full automation, marking a significant milestone in the journey toward total lab automation. It remains crucial that time is continuously monitored to identify areas for improvement, ensuring patients receive the best care possible,” added Dr Barbara.

The symposium was also addressed by Peter Steinhardt, Commercial Partnering Manager at Roche Diagnostics, who explained how the company’s commitment to advancing healthcare through digital innovation is not only reshaping the future of medicine but also setting a global standard for excellence in patient care.

“As the healthcare industry embraces digitalisation and precision, investments in infrastructure, technology, and staff training remain paramount for delivering superior patient care. We are proud of this long-standing collaboration between Vivian and Roche Diagnostics which continues to create a platform where professionals can engage in the discourse surrounding the advancements that are shaping the future of healthcare.”

The introductory speeches were followed by breakout sessions by Roche Diagnostics specialists from UK and Ireland and local guest speakers who discussed several topics such as Core Lab, Molecular Diagnostics, Point of Care solutions and Immunohistochemistry.

To conclude this successful and informative symposium, Mr. Finbarr Kenny Director of Ireland & European Agency Countries for Roche Diagnostics, expressed his vision for the future of laboratory diagnostics and is envisaging an ongoing positive partnership with its local partner Vivian.

For several years Vivian has been fostering, collaborating and facilitating knowledge-sharing among industry professionals and society at large, through their marketing and promotional efforts. Within this spirit, the Vivian Academy was set up through which educational planning and academic development could continue to evolve.

“Vivian Academy provides structured, dynamic and specialised educational experiences, tailored to the evolving needs of stakeholders in the healthcare industry,” concluded Borg Manche.


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