Vivian Appoints Zampa Debattista As Financial Advisors

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Vivian, a leading local pharmaceutical importer and distributor, announces the appointment of Zampa Debattista, a growing firm of accountants, auditors, and tax advisors, as its new financial advisors, a strategic move for Vivian as it aligns its vision for sustained growth and commitment to upholding strong governance principles.

Denise Borg Manche`, Managing Director of Vivian stated “we are proud to announce this new appointment of Zampa Debattista. Their reputation for excellence and commitment to strong governance perfectly aligns with our core values. By leveraging their expertise, we are confident in our ability to enhance our financial strategies, promote sustainable growth, and maintain our industry leadership.”

“This partnership represents a shared commitment to excellence, financial integrity, and a forward-thinking approach to business. As leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, Vivian recognizes the critical role of a trusted financial partner in navigating complex financial landscapes, ensuring compliance, and driving strategic decision-making.”

“Zampa Debattista brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, making them an ideal partner for our financial needs. With their proven track record in providing comprehensive financial services and their deep understanding of regulatory frameworks, Zampa Debattista will play a vital role in optimizing Vivian’s financial operations and ensuring continued success,” added Denise Borg Manche`.

Mark Wirth, Partner at Zampa Debattista added “we are honoured to have been chosen as Vivian’s financial advisors. Our team is committed to providing tailored financial solutions that align with Vivian’s strategic vision. Together, we will work to optimize their financial performance, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and support their growth objectives.”

“This appointment underscores the importance of forging strategic alliances to drive business growth and uphold the highest standards of governance. By leveraging the combined expertise and shared values of both organizations, this collaboration sets the stage for continued success and a bright future,” concluded Ms Borg Manche`.

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