Warning issued for NSW residents as snake and spider numbers surge

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The residents of the Australian state of New South Wales have been warned about a surge in snakes and spiders, thanks to weather patterns.

The La Nina weather phenomenon will create conditions for more encounters with snakes and spiders, leading to more bites and medical emergencies, according to the state’s ambulance service.

“As we head into summer, NSW residents have been warned to look out for snakes and spiders as there has been an increase in bites across the state,” St. John Ambulance NSW said.

“Australia has some of the most venomous snakes and spiders in the world. Time is critical when it comes to venomous bites, and they should be treated as a medical emergency,” the head of the first aid service, Sarah Lance, was quoted as saying by various Australian media outlets.

New South Wales residents are the most likely in Australia to be bitten by snakes and spiders, according to official statistics. The creatures that pose the greatest threat are funnel-web spiders and the eastern brown snake.

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