When Orange Stands for Road Safety

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Rene RossignaudEXPRESS TRAILERS has chosen April as the Road Safety month and over the coming days, it will be launching a nationwide campaign to promote more responsible road sharing. FRANCO AZZOPARDI, Chairman and CEO of EXPRESS TRAILERS explains the importance of this campaign, why the company has taken this initiative and what it aims to achieve.

“Our company is regarded as the leading respected transport and logistics operator in Malta. We deploy a very large fleet of trucks, trailers and vans to deliver most of everyone’s essential day to day commodities, and we have always acknowledged that a company like us must be a nuisance on the road. So, we wanted to redress a bit the balance and we felt that promoting road safety would be most in line with our operations as active road users.

This does not mean that we just woke up and decided to start advocating for safety. Safety was always high up on our agenda because of the respect we have for our people, especially our drivers whom we always make sure they operate in the safest environment. We are just extending this respect to all the community in which we operate. In fact, it has now been quite some years since we started taking a more active role in the community by promoting more responsible road sharing.”

One can read the whole interview on today’s Shipping and Logistics Supplement published by The Malta Independent on Sunday.

Article provided by Corporate Identities for Express Trailers.


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