World health-check halfway through 2020

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by Tonio Galea


A quick glance at the current situation in the world gives a rather grim picture of the global civilization.

The coronavirus is still claiming lives, young and old, and wreaking havoc on the finances of companies and whole economies.  Known cases have reached eight million worldwide killing over 433,000 people as the pandemic is now moving deeper into developing countries such as India and Brazil. This not to mention the mental toll on the very young and old who were left in a somewhat ambiguous situation with a lot of questions still unanswered about their future. The educational sector in most counties lies in tatters.

The United States has once more been rocked by protests stemming from racial violence while still trying to get a grip on the coronavirus, as the nation with the highest number of infections. The protests that started in Minneapolis calling out racially-motivated police brutality have quickly spread to other cities from Bristol to Berlin, and from Sydney to Stockholm.

Meanwhile, diplomatic tension between the United States and China is reaching worrying levels.

In Europe, governments such as those in Bulgaria, Denmark and Hungary, are adopting an ever more nationalistic tone when it comes to protecting their borders and economy.  Others, like Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg take it to the other extreme putting the economy first and issuing mixed messages that made a murky situation even murkier.

The members of the medical profession around the world, which until only a few days ago were hailed as heroes, have now nearly being labelled as troublemakers for continuing to do what they always did: protect lives.

In the Mediterranean, the Libyan conflict is giving conflicting signs.  Turkey is cementing its position and is expected to start oil exploration whilst Russia seems to be digging in on the Eastern side of the country in the hope of achieving its long sought-after military foot hold in the Mediterranean basin.

Further East in the region, little has changed in Syria whilst the Israeli-Palestinian issue continued to claim more lives, even if they were lost to the eyes of the world amid all the cacophony.

Above all this, the climate is still playing up and with various regions, especially in Africa or South East Asia are seeing record swarms of locusts that are depleting harvests in an already very precarious food supply.

While the pandemic seems to have stopped life as we knew it and interrupted regularity in every corner of the world, it has not arrested the development of deep-seated issues and struggles. If anything, it has helped spread even more unrest around the globe.

On one hand, a step back from the world gives a distressing and pessimistic view of things. On the other, it demonstrates a surprising tenacity in humanity that keeps jumping through crises and other blazing hoops.

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