“You have to die !”… “You have to die!” ultras chant as rival supporter dies during Serie A game

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During the Serie A Match, Cagliari Fiorentina on Friday, there was an episode which is making quite some notice in the social media involving discussions by fans from various Italian teams.

Daniele Atzori, 44, collapsed in the stands ten minutes from the end of Cagliari Fiorentina and, despite the timely rescue of the ambulance, the fan did not make it and died of a heart attack.

What has upset many Cagliari supporters were the insulting choruses full of hatred and ridicule aimed at the fan who was fighting between life and death at that time.

According to some witnesses, there would have been choruses “Devi Morire” (You have to die) from sectors occupied by the Fiorentina  fans.

These voices were shouted by a few dozen fans in the viola sector and heard only in the curva sud, but not heard and felt in the rest of the stadium.

This is attested by several social media testimonies, even from Fiorentina fans. who argued that these chants were being sung by a small minority.

The worst, however, is that some have continued to write «You have to die» even on social media.

Meanwhile, Cagliari Calcio has cancelled a demonstration scheduled this morning.  

In a press release the Sardinian team expressed deep condolences to the family members of the supporter.

Via Corriere / Gazzetta Dello Sport / TgCom


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