15% of Dutch children don’t play outside

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Research by the Dutch campaign group Jantje Beton showed that in the Netherlands around 15% of children never play outside.

In 50% of cases the reason given for children not playing in the outdoors was that the children preferred to play digital games indoors. In around one third of cases parents said there are no other children for them to play with.

Traffic was an issue for 15%.

The research showed that on average, children spend 8.4 hours a week playing outdoors, but almost three in five play in the street, a playground or garden for less time than this.

The research, involving 12,000 parents, showed that children from the highest social class are least likely to play outdoors with 34% in total never ever having done so.

By contrast, just 6% of children with the most disadvantaged backgrounds only played indoors.
via Dutchnews.nl


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