2-year old child dies on Alitalia flight after heart attack

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A 2-year-old Lebanese girl died on Tuesday on an Alitalia flight from Beirut to Rome, after she suffered a heart attack. 

The baby was suffering from hyperoxaluria, a serious and rare kidney disease, and was in fact directed to the “Bambin Gesù” hospital with a health care permit. 

The girl, who was traveling with an oxygen mask over her mouth, was assisted by a Red Cross nurse accompanying her: the woman gave her first aid, trying to revive her, but to no avail.

An emergency landing at Bari airport took place, where the child, traveling with her parents, was taken care of by the emergency services.

The doctors continued to try to revive her in an extreme attempt to save her, but nothing could be done.

The Corriere.It reports that the Captain had tried to convince the child’s parents to avoid the trauma of the flight. 

However, the embarkation was authorized by a Lebanese medical facility. 

At the airport the airport police intervened and the prosecutor of Bari, Marcello Barbanente started investigations on the case. Given the illness from which the child was afflicted, the legal doctors have however communicated to the magistrate that they do not consider the autopsy necessary.


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