April Fools’ Day: a look at some of the pranks circulating in the media

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Today is a day where in all the outcry about fake news, media outlets around the world even some of The most respected play that one little joke on their readers for April Fool’s Day.

The annual tradition sees firms announce bizarre and nonsensical products and rebrands, while many media outlets also publish invented stories.

For this occasion, Euronews took a look at some of the pranks circulating on this day. Among them the appeal by French police for crime-fighting and a Brexit Flash Sale with flights from the UK to Australia for just one Australian dollar.

The Independent on the other hand publishes an extensive list of what is circulating in the British press, with Brexit related pranks dominating. These include the clothing brand Boden announcing it has been stripped of its certification to produce France’s famous Breton striped tops because of Brexit. Then Ryanair announced it will expand its operations even further, by offering flights into space.

And finally tech giant Microsoft has banned its staff from taking part in any hoaxes this year after some of the past hoaxes and lies have accidentally led to negative coverage, as well as the spreading of the kind of misinformation that companies like Facebook and Google have repeatedly been accused of spreading.

Via Euronews and The Independent UK

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