Barilla supports the Italians and Italy with money and an emotional TV spot

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For all those who grew up with Italian TV, the tune of the ‘Barilla Adverts’ is probably part of one’s life soundtrack. So are the scenes and the beautiful productions.

The current Coronavirus pandemic rekindled the passion of the Barilla Group  which in its production entitled Italia Che Resiste (Italy that Resists) shows its closeness to Italy and the Italians who are resisting with the country to ‘protect’ the territory.

Following the donations to support the emergency, the company wanted to express its closeness and thanks to the # italiacheresiste, through an emotional video which went on air on the main national TV broadcasters starting from Sunday 5 April.

Barilla made a total donation of over 2 million euros to the Maggiore Hospital of Parma, the Civil Protection and the Red Cross of Parma. The most important donation involved the Maggiore Hospital of Parma and will allow a radical improvement of the equipment and functionality of the intensive care unit, dealing with the current health emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19.

The second donation, went to the Alimenta Foundation, established by Barilla in 2009, will specifically benefit the Civil Protection and the Parma Red Cross and relates to a series of medical and logistical equipment necessary to face the particular critical moment that are specifically experiencing the territories of Parma and Cremona.

Barilla wanted to express his immense “Thank You” also with a special spot, through the words born from the collaboration with Holden Studios, the creative laboratory of the most authoritative writing and storytelling school in Italy: the Scuola Holden. The voice of the spot has been entrusted to those who, throughout their lives, have recounted the Italian spirit in the world spontaneously and with great pride: Sophia Loren.

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