Breaking News – Draft for Sunday’s Migration Summit conclusion shelved after Conte informs Merkel that it was unacceptable for him to attend for Migration summit with a ‘pre-packaged’ text

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The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, through a Facebook post announced that he had a call from Chancellor Angela Merkel, where she expressed her concern about the possibility that he would not attend the pre-summit meeting on Sunday in Brussels on immigration as requested by the European Commission’s President.

In his message, Conte confirmed that it would have been unacceptable for him to take part in this summit with a pre-packaged text.

The Chancellor, he added, clarified that there was a “misunderstanding” and as such the draft text released yesterday was going to be shelved.

He said that on Sunday, during the discussion on immigration there will be the Italian proposal and it will be discussed together with the proposals of the other countries.

The meeting will not end with a written text, but only with a summary of the issues addressed and on which there will be a continuation of the discussion during next week’s European Council.

In his post, Conte confirmed he’s attending, but also stressed that the ‘Italian position’ needs to be taken into consideration, that the country can’t continue to be taken for granted.

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