Brexit experience demonstrates the need for Scotland’s independence – Sturgeon

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In an interview on Der Spiegel, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon stressed the case in favour of a second referendum for Brexit and the Independence of Scotland.

“I think the whole Brexit experience demonstrates to Scotland the real downsides of not being independent. Scotland voted by 62 percent to remain in the European Union, and that’s been ignored”, said Sturgeon

On Brexit: “My government put forward in an earlier stage of the Brexit process proposals that would’ve seen compromise, on the EU single-market and the customs union. That was dismissed by the UK government. Powers have been taken away from the Scottish parliament. And many people in Scotland have simultaneously watched Ireland being treated completely differently by the European Union, being backed up and shown great solidarity. As an independent country within the EU, Ireland has a much greater influence and force. That’s not lost on people here.”

On Independence : “We have started the legislative process in the Scottish parliament to make the preparations for a referendum. There’s very little point engaging with the UK government on this issue right now because they are in such a state of chaos. There needs to be a bit more scrutiny on just how illegitimate and undemocratic a position for a UK government that would be. I stood for election as first minister in 2016 on a manifesto that said explicitly that, in the circumstances of Scotland being taken out of the EU, there should be a second independence referendum. I was elected on that basis. There is a majority for that opinion within the Scottish parliament. Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt would go into very difficult territory if they’d say: You’re not allowed, Scotland, to make that decision.”

On Scotland’s Economy: “Scotland is a country that is richer in natural resources than most other countries on the planet, rich in people, rich in assets like education, and Scotland will prosper. If you look at most countries similar to Scotland in size that are already independent and have the assets we’ve got, they do better economically.”

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