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These are the main headlines for today:

First Test Flight Of ‘Okhotnik’ Russian Combat Drone

Italy’s M5S’s No-TAV Motion Rejected

Monica Lewinsky To Co-Produce Bill Clinton Impeachment Drama

New Zealand Bill Seeks To Allow Abortions Before 20 Weeks

‘Recognition, Personal Development And Stability’ Most Appealing Company Values By Job Seekers

Fatal Light-Aircraft Crash In Italy

ECB To Test Five Croatian Banks

Italian Chocolate Maker’s Pernigotti’s Novi Plant Saved From Closure

UN Warns That A Third Of Population In Zimbabwe Faces Food Crisis

Moldova Continues To Issue New Citizenships During Application Pause

Thousands Effected By British Airways IT Glitch

Two U.S. Senators Raise Privacy Concerns Over Facebook’s Messenger Kids

Two U.S. Senators Raise Privacy Concerns Over Facebook’s Messenger Kids

Pakistan To Close Its Airspace For Indian Flights As Kashmir Tension Escalates

Explosion In Front Of The Danish Tax Agency

Canada Hints At Penalties For Internet Firms That Allow Child Exploitation

Trump To Visit El Paso And Dayton

Tottenham Hotspur And Juventus Agree On €70m Transfer Fee For Paulo Dybala

North Korea Says Missile Tests ‘Warning’ To South Korea, US

NATO, New Zealand Leaders Consult On Cooperation

Libya’s U.N.-Backed Government Increases Defence Spending

Tunisia’s Largest Party Ennahda Names Its First-Ever Candidate For Presidential Elections

Chinese Official Says Hong Kong Facing Biggest Crisis Since 1997

Search Continues For Irish Girl Missing In Malaysia

HSBC Global Asset Management Names Nicolas Moreau As CEO

Philippines Declares Epidemic After Dengue Fever Kills More Than 600

German Citizen Arrested In Turkey For Facebook Shares

Nobel Prize Winner US Author Toni Morrison Dies Aged 88

Ireland Fears Vote On Irish Unity In The Wake Of A No-Deal Brexit

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