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Geo Political Risk Index (1)

In a world where disruption has become the order of the day, managing risk is becoming more and more important and relevant. The geopolitical changes we are currently witnessing are the beginning of a new cycle, and pose new challenges – thus the importance of keeping informed and understanding the implications of the ongoing changes.

Corporate Dispatch will be publishing the first Global Stability Index produced by Bugeja Geopolitical Consulting for Diplomatique.Expert.

“Political decisions impact commercial decisions. In a globalised economy, every change which might affect the international scene and which we are currently witnessing will have a global impact and each impact will affect the way we do business”, said Matthew Bugeja.

Corporate Dispatch Managing Editor, Jesmond Saliba said that every single decision requires information and insights so that decisions are put into context while every risk is taken into consideration.

We are committed to provide the right tools to help the corporate world make the right decision by keeping them informed and provide them expert-based objective insights.

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