Corporate Dispatch Morning Briefing- Newspaper Review

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The Times reveals agreements to transfer public land in Qormi, currently used as a bus park to private investors planning to build a nine-storey commercial complex. The paper speaks to legal sources who warn the deal may be illegal.

The Malta Independent reports that the PN Executive Council elected Alex Perici Calascione president of the Executive Committee while Carm Mifsud Bonnici has been elected president of the Administrative Council.

The Times quotes a report by the Education Commissioner alerting authorities of the rise of group-bullying by ‘ethnic gangs’ forming in an unnamed school. The report says that non-Maltese students are forced to follow a curriculum designed for Maltese students.

The Malta Independent picks up a report by the National Auditor’s Office criticising lack of clarity in healthcare entitlements as well as the fee-structures for paying patients. The NAO says that different interpretations are being applied by different providers.

L-Orizzont says that Malta registered the best results in Europe with the reduction in cases of breast cancer. The Health Minister told the paper that the country is being more successful in combating cancer.

In-Nazzjon leads with the announcement by PN leader Adrian Delia to hold an extraordinary General Council on 27th July. Former MEP Francis Zammit Dimech was appointed by the party’s Executive Committee to head the organisation of the General Council.  

L-Orizzont quotes a post by PN activist Alexander Borg Olivier who said that an ‘agenda of division’ is pushing the electorate away from the Nationalist Party. The son of former Prime Minister Gorg Borg Olivier wrote that the PN is not recognised as an alternative government.

In-Nazzjon says former minister Louis Galea has been nominated by PN leader Adrian Delia to lead a political reform process within the party. Delia said that that Galea was ready to accept the new role.

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