Crowd storms Bahraini embassy in Baghdad

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More than 200 demonstrators broke into the Bahraini embassy in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and took down the nation’s flag on Thursday night to protest a U.S.-led meeting in Bahrain on Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Police used live rounds to disperse the crowdwith no injuries reported.

The protesters removed the flag from above the building and replacing it with a Palestinian banner.

Bahrain recalled its ambassador to Iraq for consultations on Thursday after the protests.

In a statement, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) has labelled the storming as a blatant violation of diplomatic norms and conventions and called on the Iraqi government to live up to its responsibility toward international obligations and conventions which guarantee diplomatic security and immunity.

While denouncing all attempts to spark protests by some parties against Bahrain, the Ministry expressed concern over the security of diplomatic missions in the sisterly country of Iraq.


Via Reuters/Times of Israel

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