Dar Tal-Providenza awarded 2021 European Citizen’s Prize for Malta

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Malta’s Dar Tal-Providenza was awarded the 2021 European Citizen’s Prize for Malta in an award ceremony at held at the European Parliament’s Offices in Valletta.

Fr Martin Micallef expressed appreciation for the recognition by the European Parliament, and contextualised the organisation’s work in the bigger European picture.

“The EU strategy for people with disabilities between 2021 and 2030, is built around the recognition of the rights granted in various countries in Europe by other countries in Europe, around independent and where possible autonomous living, and the elimination of discrimination and the creation of equal opportunities at every possible level,” Fr Micallef said.

“These are intrinsic to the concept of dignity, a concept which is at the heart of everything created by Mons Mikiel Azzopardi when he dreamed of and started working on the Dar Tal-Providenza project, and which so many Maltese and Gozo believed in and supported over the years.”

“Recognition of this work at European level further encourages us in our commitment to strengthen even more our work at id-Dar Tal-Providenza, so that the sense of dignity for persons with disabilities is enhanced in all the work done in this area,” he said.

S&D MEP Alex Agius Saliba presented the award, which was received following the nomination by EPP MEPs Roberta Metsola and David Casa.

Agius Saliba said that Dar tal-Providenza is the ultimate example of the best of the values that Maltese and Europeans hold in high regards. The work and service give during the challenging circumstances brought about by Covid-19 pandemic represents the best values of the EU and provides an example for all of us to follow.

EP office in Malta’s head, Mario Sammut said that the European Parliament is committed to promote what is good, and Dar Tal-Providenza, despite the adversity during the pandemic, continued to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Recognizing this effort and commitment is of tremendous importance to the European Parliament, and hence this award.

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