Donald Tusk invites Polish to rise and defeat today’s Bolsheviks like Pitudski and Walesa did in the past

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The Polish people should rise up and “defeat today’s Bolsheviks” in the country’s ruling Law and Justice party, European Council President Donald Tusk told a crowd of over a thousand cheering supporters Saturday.

The former Polish prime minister’s call — on the eve of the country’s independence centenary — to form an opposition movement against the government, is, in Politico’s view his first mass rally in Poland since he left for Brussels in 2014. After years of treading carefully in domestic politics, it marks the beginning of an apparent run for president in elections slated for June 2020.

“Freedom has a future in Poland,” Tusk told the crowd gathered in a former power plant turned cultural center.

Since Pitsudski and Walesa managed to defeat the Bolsheviks, why would not you defeat modern Bolsheviks. Therefore, defend Poland, defend freedom, defend independence, Gazeta Wyborcza reported.