Editor Perspectives  12th May 2018

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The Editorial of The Times  comments about the issue of social housing following the announcement by the Prime Minister on May 1st, about a project aimed to alleviate the problem. The edtiorial states that “Social research confirms that a lack of affordable housing does not just affect people’s ability to sustain a home; it also affects work, relationships and health.  Past administrations in the 1970s and 1980s honoured a social contract that helped people achieve their aspirations to enter the middle-class cohort by owning their own home with the help of various government subsidised schemes. This social contract is now broken. It would be unrealistic to promote the reinstatement of such large-scale housing schemes in a very different economic reality.” The editorial entitled <<Broken Social Housing Model>> argues that “however, tweaking with limited schemes to help just the most destitute in our society demonstrates lack of sensitivity to social cohesion. What politician can look in the eyes of a young couple who does not enjoy the support of the bank of mum and dad and honestly tell both of them they will be fine if they just work harder?

Social housing should rightly be pro- vided as a safety net for the destitute for as long as they need such support. But, in today’s often unacknowledged social realities, it would be correct for this safety net to be stretched wider if a socially democratic government honestly believes in social mobility.

In-Nazzjon’s editorial, <<Infasslu futur flimkien>> focuses on the PN’s General Council and its theme. The editorial refers to the fact that the PN is listening to what the people are saying and about how the PN wants to put the country on a strong foundation.

The editorial of L-Orizzont writes about the paternal instinct of the mother. The editorial entitled <<Is-sens patern ta’ l-omm>> writes about the particular and special role of mothers, which at times needs to double as a father in view of the evolution of family structures.

The Independent’s editorial <<Birzebbuga residents breathe a sigh of relief>> focuses on the decision taken this week by the Planning Authority Board to refuse an application for the building of an oil storage facility in Birzebbugia, and how the residents of the city and the adjacent locations had to be relieved.




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