Editor Perspectives –  14th May 2018

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The editorials of L-Oriżżont and The Malta Independent focus on the Eurovision. While the editorial of L-Oriżżont, entitled <<Aħna pajjiż mimli talent>> highlights the general national sentiment about the ‘good’ and ‘great’ we are in terms of our talents where it comes to music, the editorial of The Malta Independent takes a rather pragmatic view, questions why all the fuss on the Eurovision Song Contest, and asks for a series plan, where the money spent for the Eurovision, is actually invested in the wider music scene to help more musicians and singers develop their talent.

The editorial of In-Nazzjon today focuses on the PN General Council. Its title is based on the theme used the speech delivered by Dr Adrian Delia about the vision for the future, namely <<Soċjeta li jimpurtaha>>, a society which is not indifferent and which cares.

The Times of Malta’s editorial is about the Power of incumbency where it argues that If the political parties want to improve the quality of the democratic system of government, they should commission an independent task force to define the process of public service recruitment in a way that checks the abuse of the power of incumbency.

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