Editor Perspectives – 6th May 2018

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The editorial of ILLUM entitled <<L-immigrazzjoni: Ma ninżlux toroq perikolużi>> refers to the dangerous narrative used in the issue of immigrant workers in Malta and the line adopted by the Nationalist Party leader during the May 1st Business Breakfast. The editorial expresses it’s disappointment to Delia’s comments who were populist, misinformed and possibly starting a dangerous route for Malta.

The Malta Independent’s Editorial <<Muscat’s biggest trick>> argues that like a magician, Joseph Muscat has a bag full of tricks and that the Maltese has been exposed to all of them. It refers to the way, the Prime Minister always manages to ‘pull a trick’, and the paper refers to a list of what it deems as such which includes ‘that there has no been corruption under his watch; his cult status; the trickling down of the economic succcess, the deals through which some people got rich, but the public believes was in their interest; the burying his head in sand battening down the hatches and waiting out each passing storm every time a new scandal emerges. It argues that  “whatever the case, the Prime Minister seems to have a bag of tricks with a bottomless pit, that perhaps we still don’t know what his greatest trick has been and, who knows maybe Joseph Muscat’s biggest and best rick is still to come.”

The Sunday Times editorial, is entitled <<IVF: why it’s wiser to wait>>, and argues that the government would do well do heed to the wise advice of the President. “What is required is a proper hiatus between the second and third readings in Parliament, which would ensure that there is an adequate period of reflection and consultation before amendments are approved”

The MaltaToday’s editorial << Hyteria is no basis for law>> argues that the ongoing debate on assisted fertility has been upstaged by emotive displays of public concern, mostly genuine, but in some cases clearly politically motivated – and is therefore increasingly ignoring the main objectives of this bill. It argues that “illogicality is to be expected if we base our approach to science on hysteria”.

The editorial of Il-Kulħadd  entitled <<Ħallu l-Ġustizzja Ssir>> criticses the stance taken by Jason Azzopardi and others, which through their action are not allowing for justice to happen, in the case of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder.

Il-Mument’s editorial, entitled <<Infasslu futur flimkien>> refers to points raised during the May 1st’ business breakfast organised by the PN and the policies the PN is embarking on for the future of the country.

It-Torċa’s editorial continues on what was started on it’s Front Page story, and argues in favour of anonymity in the process of sperm, egg or embryo donation. Entitled <<Tneħħux l-anomimita>> the editorial quotes a number of studies in this regard.

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