Editor Perspectives – Friday 18th May

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The editorial of L-Oriżżont, <<Inħarsu lejn l-Abilita’>> refers to the importance that whenever we look at a person with disability, we have to look at the abilities of each individual. The newspaper specifically focus on the challenges for people with disability to find employment and also about similar challenges people who have a terminal illness face. The editorial argues that dignity should be applied towards everyone, irrespective of their condition.

The Times editorial analyses the situation within the PN. Entitled <<Craving for sense, direction>>, the editorial argues that Dr Delia may need to consider a change in his team, to bring in someone who appeals and speaks to those people that meet each month at the provisional Daphne memorial in Valletta. It adds that he must also reach out to the many disillusioned voters and he can do this successfully only if he avoids reactionary xenophobia and trying to reach back to a past that is now gone. “His platform must be new. He needs to offer solutions to greedy overdevelopment, to housing problems, to the growing rift between rich and poor and come up with an economic policy that does not make the country look like a pirate island. Given the rapid and unpredictable changes that have taken place in the country over the last few years, Dr Delia must offer the country the security of medium- and long-term planning compatible with the country’s realities, and most of all, he must offer hope.”

The Malta Independent refers to the problem of childhood obesity. <<Beating the childhood obesity plague>> the editorial argues that the statistics released by the Health department, where 40% of Maltese school children are suffering from obesity merits attention. It argues that the way we live, is ultimately our individual choice and as such one needs to be careful what lifestyle to choose and also what lifestyle to choose for children.

In-Nazzjon’s editotial entitled <<Xejn m’hu xejn>> refers to various instances where the notion of ‘Everything Goes’ is becoming more and more of a way of ‘governance’. The editorial refers to the engagement of MP Manwel Mallia at the OPM and provides a breakdown of instances where this individual’s actions looked like that he’s one who does what he wants.

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