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Publication of Full  Inquiry

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia this week wrote to the AG, asking for a full copy of the report. He said the Opposition was at a disadvantage since it did not also have a full copy.

Replying on Wednesday afternoon, AG Peter Grech said he had not changed his mind about publishing the entire report.

The Attorney General rounded off the statement by saying that the conclusions were published due to the element of public interest and the impact on the country. He argued that it was an exception that the AG published the conclusions of an inquiry that wholly address the questions made to the Magistrate.

Reacting, Adrian Delia said he will take the matter to court. “Following AGs inexplicable and biased decision to deprive the opposition from having the full report of the Bugeja’s inquiry I shall be immediately filing court proceedings. National interest first,” the PN Leader tweeted.



Government’s Reaction: In a statement later in the evening, the OPM said the report would be published by the PM, even if this went against the AG’s position.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat reiterates his position that he intends to publish the entire independent inquiry on Egrant by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, his office said on Wednesday evening.

“A process is underway whereby the lengthy inquiry is being thoroughly analysed with a view of making sure that its publication does not intrude the privacy of third parties, hinder investigations and possible proceedings,” the OPM said.”

The Malta Independent


Occupy Justice calls for resignation of Attorney General

In a statement Occupy Justice said that the Attorney General’s office’s refusal to publish in full the Egrant Magisterial inquiry report shows, yet again, the lack of transparency and independence of our institutions.

In view of the AG’s decision to keep everyone else in the dark, occupyjustice reiterates its call for his immediate resignation.


MEP Ana Gomes irks MEP Miriam Dalli

Ana Gomes remains relentless in her rule of law crusade against Malta, casting doubt on the Maltese judiciary in comments published today on The Malta Independent.

The Socialist MEP, who last year led a rule of law mission sanctioned by the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties and Justice committee, did not have kind words when asked for her thoughts on the Egrant inquiry findings. I know the limitations of the judiciary in the Malta case”, she is reported to have told the newpaper.

But pressed for her reaction to the Egrant inquiry, Gomes said that she was “not surprised” with the outcome, but at the same time she would not have been surprised if the conclusion was the opposite.

She also reiterated that none of the reports she co-signed as part of her work in the European Parliament contained a position on Egrant as MEPs were waiting for the conclusion of the investigation. Gomes also added that Bugeja’s inquiry did not “identify clearly who or what Egrant was serving for”.


But Gomes’s reaction elicited a terse response from Labour MEP Miriam Dalli, who tweeted that it was “very rich” for Gomes to make such statements.

“You’ve been whispering to anyone who cared listening to you that MT PM is a crook. Now trying to tarnish d reputation of our judicial system w/biased argumentation simply coz it doesn’t fit your narrative,” Dalli hit back.

Evidently there is no love lost between Gomes and her fellow Labour MEPs from Malta.




PN’s internal challenges

PN leader Adrian Delia has bemoaned the “ridiculous” behaviour of MPs who chose to voice their concerns over his actions following the conclusion of the Egrant Inquiry on Facebook before even discussing their issues with him. Delia was speaking in an interview on INDEPTH with The Malta Independent Editor-in-Chief Rachel Attard after 10 MPs marched in open revolution against their leader’s decision to remove his predecessor Simon Busuttil from his shadow cabinet, and call on Busuttil to suspend himself from the PN parliamentary group.


PN Leader Adrian Delia has pointed out the hypocrisy of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in asking former PN leader Simon Busuttil to shoulder political responsibility for the conclusions of the Egrant Inquiry, yet failing to take any action when it came to Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi.



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