Egypt condemns Turkish parliament approval to send forces to Libya

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Egypt strongly condemned the Turkish parliament approval of a memorandum of understanding presented by the Turkish president to send military forces to Libya.

The Foreign Ministry affirmed in a statement that the MoU, inked between Chairman of the Libyan Presidential Council (PC) Fayez al Sarraj and the Turkish government on security and military cooperation, is ‘null and void’.

The Ministry’s statement highlighted the blatant violation of the Turkish parliament’s move to all the international accords and UNSC resolutions, especially 1970 resolution, issued in 2011, which created Libya Sanctions Committee and banned any arms supply to and military cooperation with the war-torn North African country unless such actions were approved by the committee.

The ministry reiterated its refusal and objection to the two MoUs, signed by Turkey and Sarraj, stressing that it would not recognize any actions could ensue from such deals.

Egypt also warned against any Turkish military intervention in Libya and its repercussions.

The statement added that such interference could jeopardize the Mediterranean regional stability, and that Turkey would shoulder full responsibility in this regard.

It also stressed the unity of Arab stance, rejecting any foreign interference in Libya, which was approved by the Arab League Council in its emergency meeting held on December 31, 2019.



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