Estonia eases travel quarantine requirements

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Arrivals in Estonia from four European nations do not need to quarantine, from Monday, April 5: Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Portugal and the U.K. The quarantine exceptions list is two fewer than last week’s, as Spain and Ireland’s 14-day coronavirus rates have since exceeded the limit required for no quarantine.

Another development over the past week is that arrivals from Latvia, Lithuania and Finland are no longer subject to any exceptions regardless of their rate, as they had been, and are subject to the same restrictions as all other European countries, meaning if their 14-day COVID-19 rate per 100,000 inhabitants reaches 150 or higher, individuals must quarantine for 10 days.

Arrivals from countries with a lower 14-day rate do not need to quarantine, provided they do not present with potential COVID-19 symptoms.

Quarantine requirements can be reduced by meeting testing criteria which, along with other exceptions can be read below.

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