EU Agenda

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Monday 1 – Tuesday 2 March: 15th European nuclear energy forum

Tuesday 2 March: GSA Entrepreneurship Day 2021- The Entrepreneurship Day will present some of the most innovative projects from the GSA competitions.

Wednesday 3 March: IWD Media Seminar: a seminar with leading MEPs on “Women’s leadership in the fight against COVID-19” has been organised by EP media services for journalists

Thursday 4 March: Translation technologies – Understand, embrace, adopt.
To mark IWD 2021, MEPs and MPs will gather for a high-level event organised by the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee titled “We are strong: Women leading the fight against COVID-19”. 

Friday 5 March– On the date that marks the first anniversary of the Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, this international webinar will present and discuss the results of the research note compiled by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) for the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU on gender equality and the socio-economic impact of COVID-19

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