Evening Daily Newsfeed Roundup

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These are the main news reported by the leading Maltese news portals:

Doctors, dentists, nurses and allied health professionals who would like to help out with COVID-19 related work are being to get in touch with the health authorities. Source: Times of Malta

The government issued a call for the construction of a prefabricated hospital to be completed in eight weeks. Source: Malta Today

The General Workers Union (GWU) has announced that it will be representing a group of professional health workers. Source: Newsbook

In the first ten days since spot-checks began, more than 2,500 spot-checks were carried out on persons who should be observing mandatory quarantine, imposed to contain the Coronavirus spread. Source: The Malta Independent

With effect from today, people who test positive for Coronavirus and are ordered to self-isolate will be fined 10 thousand euro every time they are are discovered away from their home during police checks. Source: TVM


Foreign News Roundup

These are the headlines and news items reviewed by our researchers and editorial team:

Italian priest dies of coronavirus after donating respirator to younger stranger

Up to 100,000 Spanish workers facing temporary layoffs

Germany in economic blitz as its fights off pandemic impact

British travellers urged to return to UK

Tokyo 2020 Olympics to be postponed for a year

40% of US under lockdown by tomorrow as WHO sees country as next epicentre


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