Express Trailers Plants 270 Trees, A Tree For Every Employee

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Express Trailers has planted 270 saplings in Burmarrad’s Santa Katarina Valley, an initiative made possible following an agreement with Parks Malta who supplied the 270 saplings – representing the 270 employees at Express Trailers.

Additionally, Parks Malta also donated 25 saplings while NGO ACT donated another 15 saplings.

According to Express Trailers, the planting of the 300 trees equates to a reduction of carbon emissions of 510,000 kms per year by its fleet.

“As Malta’s leading transport and logistics company, Express Trailers always acknowledged the fact that its strong presence on Maltese roads also has a social and environmental impact. We wanted to redress a small fraction of this impact and as the world continues to join in a collective effort to combat the challenges of climate change, we wanted to do our small part as well,” explains Franco Azzopardi, CEO of Express Trailers.

“As a family business that started 60 years ago and that owes its success to the sustainable way it grew, Express Trailers has always harboured great respect towards the notion of sustainability. Over the years, the company always sought to embark on initiatives that help it reduce its carbon footprint such as the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of its head office and the majority of its buildings, as well as investment in electric vans and forklifts into its fleet,” he added.

Express Trailers’ PV system reduces 672,512 kms in emissions every year. Since 2011, Express Trailers’ PV system has led to a total reduction of an equivalent 7,397,636 kms in CO2 emissions.

Welcoming the initiative undertaken by Express Trailers, Minister for Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli said: “As Minister responsible for sustainable develpment, investing in open spaces has been a priority and through Parks Malta we are investing in parks, valleys and gardens within our localities. At the same time, we encourage the private sector to give society something back. This is the second partnership we have embarked on which will see the planting of more trees.”

Philip Aquilina from Parks Malta explained the benefits of planting young saplings compared to older and larger trees because “the survival rate of younger trees is much higher given that they tend to find it easier to adapt to their new environmental conditions when compared to older trees which would have already gotten accustomed to certain environments.”

Eleven spieces of trees have been planted by Express Trailers which include Prunus Dulcis (Lewż), Celtis Australis (Bagullar), Vitex Agnus-Castus (Virgi), Fraxinus Angustifolia (Fraxxnu), Salix Alba (żafżaf kbir), Salix Pedicellata (Żafżaf żgħir), Tamarisk Africana (Bruka), Morus Alba (Ċawsli), Laurus Nobilis (Rand) Tetraclinis Articulata (Għargħar) and Ulmus Canescens (Ulmu).

Photo: The site in Burmarrad’s Santa Katarina Valleywhere the trees have been planted.

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