Fighting around Tripoli resumes

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Fighting around Tripoli resumed overnight, following a two-day truce observed during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

The two-day cease-fire, proposed by the U.N., was the first since the self-styled Libyan National Army led by commander Khalifa Haftar launched an offensive in April to capture Tripoli from a U.N.-supported but weak government.

There were reports of attacks being carried out around Tripoli both from land and air with reports of airstrikes on Tripoli’s southern outskirts.

On Saturday, both sides had accepted the truce ahead of the holiday, though they later each claimed the other had violated the cease-fire.

Authorities at the Mitiga airport, Tripoli’s only functional airport, suspended flights for several hours Sunday after reporting that a shell fell just meters away from the runway.

Via Haaretz/ Gulf News

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