Five killed in midair crash in France

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Five people have died after two tourist aircraft collided in mid-air in France on Saturday afternoon.

A ULM (ultralight two-person plane) crashed into a tourist plane in Loches, Indre-et-Loire at around 4.45pm local time.null

Reports claim the two people in the ULM and three passengers in the tourist plane have died.

The tourist plane had taken off from the city of Poitiers, located about 100km from Loches.

The flightpath of the ULM remains unknown at this time.

A witness told AFP that the crash zone was totally blockaded and locals had been told to stay in their homes.

No details about the identities of the victims or the causes of the collision have so far been released. Police in Loches has taken over the investigation into the crash.

Collisions between microlights and other aircraft are rare, although an August 2019 crash between a microlight and a helicopter over the Spanish island of Mallorca killed seven including two minors.

Al Jazeera / AFP / Daily Mail/ Mediavenir 

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