Forbes puts Malta among cheapest places to retire in

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Malta is actually one of the cheapest islands to retire and live on without a job, according to Forbes magazine. In a feature which is sure to ruffle some feathers in the country, Forbes correspondent Laura Begley Bloom suggests that there are a number of places that are so cheap where you can spend your life on vacation.

In her investigation, Bloom quotes a new report from International Living, a magazine and website focused on good-value living, travel, investment and retirement abroad. Among these places, Forbes quotes Caribbean destinations such as Panama, Belize and the Dominican Republic. Very few European destinations actually make it, with Mallorca and Crete making the cut.

Then, the surprise: Malta. Inflationary concerns? Not for Forbes, with the contributor suggesting that with 2,600 US Dollars (that’s some 2,150 euro), a couple can live comfortably without working any longer Highlighting Malta’s treasures, such as ancient walled cities and breathtaking coastal trails, International Living points out that Malta has something for everyone.

Moreover, to entice potential suitors further, Forbes recalls that the Malta Tourism Authority has recently launched a scheme incentivizing tourists for staying in Maltese hotels. Malta’s Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo had recently announced plans to offer international tourists a handout of €200 each for those who stay for a minimum of two nights in the country.

via Forbes, International Living