French cinemas to ban popcorn and snacks

pack with spilled popcorn on yellow background
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No more munching, crunching and slurping at the movies in France – for now.

The country’s increasingly fraught fight against an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 infections is putting a stop to eating and drinking at French cinemas, just as they are showing signs of recovery from the brutal economic bashing of lockdowns last year.

COVID-19 measures kicking in Monday, once France’s New Year’s celebrations are out of the way, will mean an enforced rest for popcorn machines and ice creams left in cold storage.

The ban of at least three weeks on eating and drinking also applies to theatres, sports venues and public transport.

French cinemas sold 96 million tickets in the eight months they have been reopened this year, a jump of 47 per cent compared to 2020.

But ticket sales are still down 55 per cent compared to 2019, before the pandemic, the National Centre for Film and Moving Images said this week in its look at French cinemas’ annual sales.

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