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Artificial Intelligence, salaries in Malta, Malta Employers Association’s budget proposals, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder court case and an encounter between Pope Francis and the Maltese Archbishop are the main news from Malta as reported by the local news portals.

Your evening round up brings you the main news as reported by journalists in Malta’s leading news outlets.



In the future, machines might not only be able to learn but also to define themselves, and for this reason, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat believes that we could soon be discussing the rights of robots. TVMThe Malta Independent


Salaries in Malta rose by a three percent average over the past 12 months, the latest figures by MISCO show. Data published in the Salaries and Benefits Report 2018/2019 reveals a stable increase in salaries across most positions. One / Corporate Dispatch


The Malta Employers Association (MEA) has proposed that representatives from the private sector be involved in collective bargaining in the public sector to ensure that “repercussions on the private sector are anticipated and catered for”. Malta Today The Malta Employers Association also used its proposals for the upcoming budget to warn the government that employers “cannot be expected to compensate for inflation caused by a property boom” and the blame for spiralling costs could not be pinned on them. Times of Malta


Sixty Italian journalists have signed a declaration demanding the truth on the mastermind behind the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The declaration leads with the statement that “Europe is no longer safe for journalists”. It points to the murders of Caruana Galizia as well as Jan Kuciak in Slovakia in February. Since then, Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova was raped and killed in her hometown of Ruse. Shift News


George Degiorgio, his brother Alfred Degiorgio and associate Vince Muscat were back in court Friday, as the compilation of evidence against them continues. The three are accused with the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. A number of reports were presented in this morning’s brief sitting, for which the victim’s parents and sisters were present. Net NewsMalta Independent


Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg presented details on the €17 million investment that was implemented on road infrastructure during the summer months. The Malta Independent 


An unusual photo capturing Pope Francis and Archbishop Scicluna taking the same lift during of of the breaks from the sessions of the Synod of Bishops being held at the Vatican raised people’s curiosity. The photo was released by the Vatican press office. It is not known whether this was a mere coincidence or whether it was before or after a meeting that the Archbishop had with the Pope. Mgr Scicluna was entrusted to head various important missions by Pope Francis including a recent mission to Chile and a previous one about Cardinal O’Brien. Newsbook







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