GO TV Production To Foster National Pride in Malta’s Beauty, documentaries produced in collaboration with Din l-Art Ħelwa

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Malta, with its rich history and culture, will be showcased and celebrated in an innovative series comprising 130, one-minute features, which will be aired daily for 26 consecutive weeks on TVM, just before the evening news.

Carrying the theme “Din Mhux is-Soltu Storja”, these features were produced exclusively by GO upon an initiative by Maltese NGO Din l-Art Ħelwa and will also feature original music and lyrics produced by local artists.

“Over the years, GO has played a central role in Malta’s communication history. We are proud of Malta and its heritage and wanted to play a part in celebrating this for current and future generations. The innovative concept behind this production lies in the fact that it will not only be promoting some of Malta’s most memorable sights and destinations but will do so in a way that gives a rightful platform to our very own home-grown talent in an original and unexpected way,” said Charmaine Farrugia, Chief of Corporate Strategy and Business Planning.

“We have invested millions of euros in our cutting edge TV platform to ensure that we can deliver a superb TV experience to our esteemed customers. We wanted to extend this investment to actual content production and what better way than collaborating with a Maltese NGO and local artists to bring something that celebrates all that is Maltese, for the Maltese by the Maltese,” continued Charmaine.

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Thanking GO for accepting to support this initiative, Din l-Art Ħelwa’s Executive President Alex Torpiano said “as one of Malta’s leading NGO’s Din l-Art Ħelwa thought it fit to partner with Malta’s leading telecommunications companies because we both believe in preserving Malta’s diverse culture and history. This production is all about raising awareness with a difference and fostering a renewed sense of national pride”

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Different local artists and performers will be featured every week showcasing their catchy music as a unique soundtrack to breath-taking shots of the Maltese Islands. The clips will be aired once every day between Monday and Friday with repeats during the day and will also be available on GO’s Video on Demand platform.

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