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I have seen how thin the thread that separates us from death is – Gerry Scotti and the Covid-19 experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Gerry Scotti spoke to TG5 about his recent experience in hospital, after he fell ill with Covid-19. Luckily the beloved TV presenter has recovered from his illness, however he needs rest to recover from this terrible disease.

“I had seen it on TV, read about it in the newspapers, it seemed like science fiction,” Scotti said. He had to spend 10 days at the Covid Center of Humanitas, and after his experience, he challenged the Covid-19 deniers “to stay an hour where I have been.”

A visibly emotional Scotti spoke about his experience and his days in hospital, and several times through the story he broke down in tears and found it difficult to speak. 

The first shock came with the positive swab, and a greater one “when they told me that I had to be hospitalised.”

“When I heard that word it suddenly felt like I was transported beyond the Berlin Wall, I don’t know how else to explain it. In a moment I relived the six months of fear, terror, precaution, hope that we are all experiencing. Why me? I felt I didn’t even know where to begin to understand where it all started from,” Scotti said.

Scotti added, “This disease is subtle, you can have a little fever for two or three days, and it could be just that. During the second check at the Humanitas Covid Center in Rozzano I was advised to stay in the clinic, because all my vital organs were out of order: liver, kidneys, pancreas. I was already in the intensive care unit, which is where the tests are carried. Once the doors of the ward open, you see everything you have ever seen on the worst news stories of your life. In the ward I saw 24 motionless people, all intubated, like in science fiction films. I prayed for them.”

He added “I had seen it on TV, read it in the newspapers, it seemed like science fiction. I remember the slogan: the helmet saves your life. Now I understand what helmet means.”

Scotti added that this experience changed his mind about many things. “I risked losing all the satisfactions that I could have had. I had a rich life, but now I have seen how thin the thread that separates us from death is, I realised that just a moment is enough. It is an experience that has improved me as a man and as a person, now I am stronger than before. I have reorganised my priorities, which always remain ten. But the order today is different. You understand the value of the little things in life – a bike ride, being with your child in the park, a walk: the more trivial and stupid they are, the more they are worth, even a game of cards with friends. The truth is that I have to keep what good this experience has given me, but also what bad it has given me.”

“Since the Covid department does not have coffee (now I will have to donate a nice machine) the first thing was the mocha, a sign that the taste has also returned. And then – this may seem cheesy, but it doesn’t matter – my niece will be born in a month and I would like to be in shape. Now I’m healed, I’m fine. I have lost 11 kilos – a sign that not all evil comes to harm – but I have to regain all my strength. I want to do it for her too.”

He ended his interview with a strong message to all those who deny the existence and symptoms of the disease. “We have to take them (the deniers) and leave them in that little room for an hour. There is no need for 36 hours like it was for me. They will surely change their minds!”

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