Italian coast-guard official dies while saving two boys at sea in Milazzo, Sicily

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The lifeless body of Aurelio Visalli, 40, an officer of the Port Authority of Milazzo, who drowned after saving two young men, was found at sea by his colleagues on Sunday.

Visalli was described as a dedicated person and who considered the Coast Guard as his second family.

Visalli’s brother-in-law, Antonio Crea, said that his colleagues saw “him in trouble and remained helpless: my brother-in-law was not saved”

Visalli’s brother-in-law is the head of the Venetico city police, where the officer lived with his family.

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Saturday morning the mistral rough sea caused difficulties for two 15-year-olds, who braved the waves at least 5 meters high, throwing themselves into the west coast, at the height of the former “Le Cupole” disco.

The boys found themselves in difficult conditions and the situation was noticed by other passersby who raised the alarm.

The waves hindered the rescue intervention by the Coast Guard with the patrol boat by sea.

At that point, three officers of the Coast Guard, including Visalli, intervened by land, jumping into the water and managed to rescue the two young people.

However, a wave engulfed Visalli who was sucked into the sea.

After hours of research it was found at dawn on Sunday, in the cliff of the Tono bay, on the terminal part of the west coast.

The man leaves his wife, Tindara Grosso and two children, an 11-year-old male and a 6-year-old female.

“He had been to La Maddalena, Lampedusa, he had experience and professionalism, he would not have jeopardized his life”, reiterates his brother-in-law. who this morning recognized the body at the Port Authority: “The scratched face and the bruised body, thrown into the waves on the rocks, but we wonder when and if he died immediately: could he be saved? And why didn’t his colleagues jump into the sea to try to save him? ”.

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