Italy – Renzi rules out coalition with Di Maio

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renzi.jpgMatteo Renzi while interviewed on TV programme “Che tempo che fa” said “Those who lost the election can not go to the government. We can not pass the message that March 4 was a joke: the Democratic Party lost. Now it is up to Salvini and Di Maio to rule: we can not come back from the window as if democracy was some sort of Roman game.”

He added that there is no problem to meet with Di Maio, “meeting is good, always, even the Koreas have spoken, we can talk, however we cannot vote confidence to a government by Di Maio, even if out of respect for those who look at us from home. Otherwise people will no longer believe in democracy”, he added.

Renzi didn’t mince much his words, adding that now it’s the turn of populists Di Maio and Salvini to govern and embark on a constitutional reform. “The country is stuck since 4th December 2016. That was not a referendum on the powers of Renzi but on the future of the Italy however the options were presented differently.”

The former secretary of the PD, spoke about the risk of going again for elections. “Another election would be a gigantic slap to citizens because those who said ‘we won’ have not been in able to do nothing, because there is one who said ‘or I’m the premier I or nothing’ … “. 


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