Joseph Mifsud willing to testify to US Senate – reports

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A lawyer closely associated with Joseph Mifsud claims that the Maltese professor, who allegedly delivered word of Hillary Clinton’s stolen emails to Donald Trump’s campaign, is willing to testify to the US Senate, Buzzfeed reports. The story hasn’t yet been verified on other mainstream news portals. 

Mifsud disappeared after he was identified as the unnamed professor alleged by FBI investigators in court documents unsealed in October 2017 to have told Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos that the Russians had “dirt” on Clinton in the form of thousands of emails, months before the Democrats themselves were aware that their computer system had been hacked.

But in an email to BuzzFeed News sent on Monday, Stephan Roh, a 51-year-old Swiss lawyer with a long history of dealings with Mifsud, wrote, “Prof Mifsud is to testify in front of the US Senate — we are working towards his appearance.”

Last month, Roh emailed a photograph of Mifsud purportedly taken in May this year to several news organizations, including BuzzFeed News. Despite several requests, Roh has not granted BuzzFeed News — or other outlets — permission to publish the photo, the existence of which was first reported by the Associated Press.

Should the Maltese academic suddenly reappear in public after more than a year to testify before the Senate, it could be a hugely significant moment in Mueller’s investigation.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence remains interested in interviewing Joseph Mifsud, the mysterious Maltese professor linked to Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos.

An attorney for Republicans on the committee reached out to Mifsud’s attorney, Stephan Roh, on Oct. 24 in hopes of obtaining a voluntary interview with Mifsud, who has not been seen in public since last November, after Papadopoulos entered a plea deal with the special counsel’s office for lying to the FBI.

Roh, who is based in Switzerland, tells The Daily Caller News Foundation that Mifsud is aware of the Senate committee’s interview request. Roh says he has had indirect contact with Mifsud but has not seen the former diplomat since he visited Roh’s law offices in Zurich in May 2018, when Roh says Mifsud signed a power of attorney agreement.



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