Language Interpretation is now Generally Available (GA) in Microsoft Teams Meetings

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Language interpretation is now Generally Available (GA) for Microsoft Teams Meetings. This feature was built to support customers and users who need to communicate in the virtual world across languages.

The language interpretation feature will allow professional interpreters to convert the speaker’s message into another language without disrupting the speaker’s original flow or delivery. This simultaneous interpretation will lead to more inclusive meetings, where participants who speak different languages can fully collaborate with each other.

Language interpretation will allow users to:

  • Listen to a meeting in the language they are most comfortable using.
  • Collaborate in meetings where multiple languages are spoken.
  • Support inclusivity in meetings by making spoken content more accessible to all participants.

Organizers can invite interpreters to a meeting from Meeting options once the meeting is scheduled/saved. Organizers can also promote a participant to interpreter during a meeting.

Interpreters can start interpreting immediately after joining a meeting.

When participants join a meeting with language interpretation enabled, they can select a language channel to listen to during the meeting. They should then be able to hear the interpreter’s translation at a louder volume than the main speaker.

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