Lego Minifigure turns 40

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The Lego Minifigure comes in all shapes, sizes and characters. Disney, Star Wars, DC, Harry Potter — all of these movie worlds have had their characters appear as figures.

The Lego Minifigure itself is turning 40 on Wednesday.

The Minifigure itself debuted in 1978, which unlike previous attempts had both movable arms as well as legs. Previous to this, Lego’s buildable characters were made up of square Lego bricks with only moveable arms, or were more statuesque figures that couldn’t be posed.

At its debut, there were 20 different types of Minifigures, such as a police officer, doctor and astronaut. There are now more than 8,000 Minifigures, many of which now include Luke Skywalker, witches and wizards from Harry Potter’s world and all kinds of superheroes.

Lego released a video showing the production of the Minifigure line, including heads and bodies going through the assembly line as they become united into the toy.



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