Life during lockdown, the French way

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The French population has officially started living in lockdown conditions as of noon today. The government has instructed everyone to limit their movements as much as possible because of the coronavirus epidemic, and people are only allowed out for specific errands and have to present a special form.

This is part of a number of measures being taken by the country to contain the spread of the virus. People are required to work from home as much as possible, and employers have been directed to organise teleworking and adjust their business practices as required.

There are a limited activities that are allowed under lockdown, including work, if your work is essential and cannot be done from home, shopping for essential items or attending medical appointments, vital family reasons and physical exercise as long as this is not a group sport. However, everyone venturing outside needs to take a form which they download and print / write out at home.

The streets will be patrolled and monitored by the police force, which is currently receiving extra training on the process and the rules around lockdown. Interior Minister Cristophe Castaner said that 100,000 law enforcement professionals will be involved in implementing the rules, and there will be roadblocks on major and secondary routes, as well as police out on the streets checking paperwork. People who fail to present their form may face a fine of up to €135.

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