Lightning strike in Poland kills four, injures 100

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At least four people died and more than 100 were injured in lightning strikes during a thunderstorm in Poland.

The worst bolt fell on a group of hikers at the summit of Giewont, a popular peak in the Tatra range in the south of the country.

A fifth person was killed in neighbouring Slovakia. At least one of the victims was said to be a child.

The storm is said to have descended suddenly after a sunny morning.

Rescue operation in the Tatras Mountains
 Firefighters during a rescue operation in Zakopane, Poland . A group of tourists was struck by lightning on the peak Giewont in Tatra Mountains near Zakopane. Giewont (1894 m) is the most frequented peak in the Tatras. EPA-EFE/GRZEGORZ MOMOT 

There were reports of casualties in different parts of the mountain range. At least four rescue helicopters were sent to the area.

Rescue operation in the Tatras Mountains
Firefighters during a rescue operation in Zakopane, Poland. EPA-EFE/GRZEGORZ MOMOT 

The worst incident occurred on Thursday at the top of the 1,894 metres  Giewont mountain, where a metal cross is sited. A lightning bolt is thought to have struck the 15 metre structure at a time when many hikers were at the summit, and the current then travelled along a metal railing.

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that most of the 100 people injured had severe burns or serious head injuries.

Rescue operation in the Tatras Mountains
An injured tourist is transported to the hospital in Zakopane, Poland. EPA-EFE/GRZEGORZ MOMOT EDS NOTE: Faces of injured people are pixelated due to Polish law


Via Polandin/ DW/ Sky News

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