Malta Development Bank and MCST launch Go-To-Market Scheme

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The Malta Development Bank and the MCST have launched the Go-To-Market Scheme, with a budget of more than 1.5 million euro, aimed at supporting businesses on projects related to research and innovation.

Go-To-Market forms part of the wider national funding plan FUSION, which supports researchers and entrepreneurs to carry out research and innovation project.

MDB Chairman Prof Josef Bonnici said that, “this collaboration will facilitate access to financing in two important niches – start-ups and enterprises that operate in a digital and innovative environment. This will continue to boost the Maltese economy to become more diversified, digital, green and innovative.”

The Chairman of the MCST Dr. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando said that: “We are proud to be launching this new programme, which we created together with the MDB, to spur Maltese researchers to develop and optimize their innovations. In this way we are addressing an existing gap by offering the most favourable conditions so that the leap towards the commercialization of the product or service, which requires a considerable investment, is less exposed to risk.

After the launch of the ‘Go-To-Market’ scheme, an agreement was signed which ensures that the productive partnership between the MDB and the MCST continues for the benefit of Maltese entrepreneurs.

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