Woman drowns in St Paul’s Bay – Malta News Briefing – Monday 14 August 2023

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Woman drowns in St Paul’s Bay: A woman tragically lost her life after facing distress while swimming in St Paul’s Bay. The incident took place around 10am near Wignacourt tower. Despite the efforts of a Red Cross rescuer to aid the woman, they were unsuccessful. The woman, who was alone at the time, could not be promptly identified. Magistrate Rachel Montebello is currently conducting an inquiry into the matter.

Strong increase in individuals adding part-time to main job: Over the past year, there has been a notable 9.4% rise in the number of individuals juggling a part-time job in addition to their full-time employment. Statistics published by the National Statistics Office reveal that as of March this year, 39,538 individuals were engaged in both full-time and part-time work. This
constitutes 15% of the total workforce actively employed. While this increase might be partially attributed to formerly unreported part-time work transitioning to official status due to a more favourable tax rate – the part-time tax was reduced to 10% – union representatives are expressing concerns. They fear that employees are compelled to supplement their regular
earnings due to the escalated cost of living. (Maltatoday)

Over 2,000 pending domestic violence cases:

According to data compiled by the law courts, over 2,000 domestic violence cases are currently awaiting resolution by the two designated magistrates. The mounting number of unresolved domestic violence cases seemingly corroborates reports that survivors of abuse, who are often traumatized, are experiencing delays of up to a year before their cases are heard in court. This extended wait can leave them feeling exposed to further instances of violence. Data collection on domestic violence cases by the Court Services Agency commenced in July 2021. Prior to that, domestic violence cases were categorised as district cases and were distributed among various magistrates. (Times of Malta)

63% of Maltese to holiday abroad this Summer – survey: Nearly 63% of people planned a holiday abroad thissummer, which was a higher percentage than those who said they planned a local holiday, data obtained via MaltaSurvey shows. Half of the sample showed no intention of having a local holiday (50.1%) this summer, 40.5% said yes to having had or intending to have a local holiday, and 9.5% of the sample was undecided on the matter.

Morning Briefing

PM has shown no confidence in PA – Bernard Grech

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech commented on Sunday that the prime minister’s condemnation of developers for submitting specific planning applications indicated a lack of trust in government institutions’ ability to make prudent decisions concerning development. Grech shared his views during a radio interview aired on the PN’s broadcasting station, NET FM. Grech’s remarks followed Prime Minister Robert Abela’s Saturday interview, where he criticized developers for filing planning applications that contravene established policies. Abela labeled such proposals as “non-starters” that shouldn’t even be considered by planners. (Times of Malta)

Paul Pace to face proceeding for claiming non-existent overtime
The President of the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN), Paul Pace, is set to appear before a disciplinary board convened by the Public Service Commission. He faces allegations of seeking compensation for work purportedly performed, even while abroad. An investigative panel unveiled inconsistencies in Pace’s records of overtime claims spanning several years. These requests for remuneration amount to an undisclosed sum, still under evaluation. The inquiry board was established following assertions by political commentator Manuel Cuschieri, who contended that the head of the nurses’ union had sought overtime payment for hours supposedly rendered at Mount Carmel Hospital while he was actually on vacation in Egypt. (Maltatoday)

Three arrests in major cocaine haul
Three individuals have been apprehended in connection with drug trafficking, believed to be part of an organized criminal group. Among them are two Italian citizens, aged 44 and 40, along with a 40-year-old Albanian national. Through extensive inquiries conducted recently, the police gathered intelligence concerning a potential drug exchange in Malta. Commencing on early Saturday morning, law enforcement officers kept a close watch on a vehicle in which a 44-year-old Italian man was traveling. Subsequently, in St. Paul’s Bay, law enforcement surrounded the vehicle, eventually uncovering ten packets containing approximately ten kilograms of a substance suspected to be cocaine, upon searching a bag. The investigation has revealed that the confiscated drugs hold an estimated market value exceeding 1.3 million euros. (TVM)

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