Malta News Briefing – Monday 28 August 2023

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Morning Briefing

PM promises long-lasting support to Maltese traditions

PM Robert Abela affirmed his commitment to uphold and invest in the cultural heritage and customs of Malta. During visits to Vittoriosa and Safi, both localities celebrating their respective festivals this weekend, the Prime Minister spoke on the necessity for the government to safeguard the unique characteristics that define us as Maltese. He stressed that decisions made under his leadership would consistently prioritize the preservation of our national identity across all aspects of life. He highlighted various governmental initiatives designed to provide support for the organizers of these festive events that form an integral part of the societal fabric and contribute significantly to Malta’s cultural landscape. These festivities stand as a substantial aspect of the cultural wealth that Malta presents to the world. (TVM)

PN leader says whisteblower claims must be investigated

An investigation into alleged electoral fraud must be held, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said on Sunday. He was refering to allegations by an ex-Labour Party activist in a court application as part of a corruption case centred around the top officials at Transport Malta. Bernard Grech, speaking during an interview on Net FM on Sunday, said that while it is important to understand that these are currently only allegations, they are very serious ones. “This is a very serious situation … This man is alleging that during the elections from 2013 and onwards the Labour Party (PL) has been using fraudulent methods which allowed for individuals who were not supposed to vote due to having passed away to still vote because other people were using their identities.” He said that if such a thing is true, this act would be a threat to the country’s foundation of democracy. (The Malta Independent)

Experts say weather, traffic have largest impact on Malta’s air quality
Weather conditions are the main driver in Malta’s air pollution with meteorology playing a key part in determining the quality of the air we breathe, according to experts. An ERA spokesperson said that meteorology is an “often underestimated” factor, adding that Malta’s air quality is strongly affected by weather events such as high temperatures, horizontal winds and cloud coverage, with each having a clear impact on different types of air pollutants. ERA says it has started to see early indications of changing trends over the past few years, but it is too soon to tell whether this is driven by changes in Malta’s climate. (Times of Malta)

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