Malta News Briefing – Monday 30 October 2023

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A Just Malta will be theme for Budget 2024

The budget that will be presented tonight will fulfil the government’s belief of a just Malta, Prime Minister Robert Abela said Monday. “Malta Gusta” (A Just Malta) is the theme of the budget for 2024. In a message on the social media, Abela said that over the past weeks the government has held several meetings with all stakeholders to prepare the budget. What will be presented tonight is a budget by the people for the people, he said.
The budget for 2024 will be presented in Parliament tonight by Finance Minister Clyde Caruana. (The Malta Independent)

NGO asks Government to withdraw plans for new marina in Birgu

The NGO Moviment Graffitti has asked government to withdraw plans for a yacht marina in an area known as Ta’ Toqba in Birgu, following a protest against the same proposed marina on Saturday. They said that while the Infrastructure Ministry denied plans to build a yacht marina at the site, plans and renders show boats taking over the whole creek in Birgu and Kalkara.
When objecting to the original plan, the NGO noted that the application was filed under the pretence of organising moorings. However, they said that the application is, in reality, “a fully-fledged attempt at gobbling up the creek and the shore with a yacht marina”. They noted that the application is proposing a “staggering” 334 moorings around the creek, and that a significant number of these are intended for large boats. (Maltatoday)

Morning Briefing

Crowd asks Government to get Vitals money back

A crowd gathered in Valletta on Sunday evening for a protest organized by the Nationalist Party, calling on the government to recover the funds spent on the hospitals’ deal, which had been invalidated by the courts. Many participants displayed signs demanding government to seek the Vitals money back, while others waved the Maltese flag. PN MP and former party leader Adrian Delia, in his address, asserted, “They invested nothing. They did nothing… and they took 400 million from your taxes,” receiving applause from the crowd. Nationalist leader Bernard Grech echoed this sentiment, questioning how one could steal from the vulnerable and condemning the government’s involvement in the nullified agreement. Both Grech and Delia accused those currently in power of attempting to evade responsibility. (Maltatoday)

Budget to be based on socialist principles – PM

Prime Minister and Labour leader Robert Abela said that tonight’s budget will be another one based on socialist principles because the Labour Party was, is and remains a workers’ movement.
Speaking during a political activity in Ħaż-Żabbar, Dr Abela said that benefits will continue to be distributed justly to everyone. However, he stated, that in order for workers to benefit, the economy has to grow with the support of businesses, adding that he always believed in the principle that businesses success is directly related with their conditions of work.
Dr Abela said that the Government’s policy should attract more investment while it takes decisions that protect jobs and, contrary to the Nationalist Government, the Labour Government will assume the burdens of the people. (TVM)

Times survey finds Labour lead reduced to 5%
The margin between the Labour Party and the Nationalists has reduced to slightly over 5%, marking the narrowest gap between the two parties since Times of Malta initiated its polls in 2021. This translates to approximately 13,500 votes, signifying a decrease of nearly 10,000 votes in the PL’s lead over the past three months and more than 26,000 votes since the last general election. The survey, conducted by the market research firm Esprimi, collected responses from 600 individuals between October 14 and 26. This period coincided with the court’s ruling on the hospitals’ appeal, which identified “collusion between Steward and senior government officials.” (Times of Malta)

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